Unicode Table

Unicode is an international standard for storing characters. However, unlike ASCII and most other character sets, Unicode supports characters of virtually all spoken languages as well as some important extinct languages. This standard facilitates the storage and processing of non-English and multilingual documents, for instance allowing us to mix English, Hebrew as well as Chinese parts.

What follows is a small applet which allows you to test the Unicode implementation of your web brower's Java interpreter. While Java does use Unicode internally, most implementations unfortunately cannot display a very large number of characters. Use this applet to browse through the character list. The 0100h plus and minus buttons are used to go to the next/previous screen. The 1000h plus and minus buttons allow you to change the most significant byte of the code number.

Sorry, your web browser is not Java enabled! You might need to download a newer browser such as Mozilla!
Version 1.05

Additional information is available at http://www.unicode.org/charts.

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